How Much Does It Cost To Design And Develop A Cross-Platform Application in India in 2019?

How Much Does It Cost To Design And Develop A Cross-Platform Application in India in 2019?

Want to Develop A Cross-Platform App in India???

Not everyone has the capability and the audacity to get on to cross-platform mobile app development. That’s because a cross-platform mobile app development company has to face many hurdles on the pathway to achieving total success when it comes to Develop A Cross-Platform App.

In 2018, many businesses found that the best way to reach potential customers is through accessing the clients via their cell phones. Almost every individual has at least one phone and more than 93% of them are smartphones. The available market is enormous and one who understands this has already been conquered halfway through.

Although the previous year showed us all, how an unpolished and uncertain application can bear negative results it also showed that iOS and Android both are equally important when it comes to reaching customers.

Why you should go with a Cross-Platform application?
First of all, you must understand native application limits your customer base and also, they are not compatible with functionalities that other providers. Targeting both platforms with the native apps means you’ll have to create two different applications, one for each. This can directly double your development cost and resources required.

On the other hand, the cross-platform application is developed as one application that can run on both. The user interface is developed using standard web technologies such as CSS and HTML, and the application logic is driven by JavaScript. The ability to work on all devices without further adaptation for each platform is due to the fact that it uses the browser’s engine to work. But it cannot access most of the device functionality.

The cost to design and Develop a Cross-Platform app in India is definitely going to be much cheaper or cost-effective than to develop two different platform-specific applications as going with that means double development time, increased efforts for designing, and double the QA time.

However, the scope decides what will be the cost of the cross-platform application. Based on the scope and requirement it can be decided that what level of experience will be required to develop such an application. A simple application at Data EximIT can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $150,00 which depends upon the complexity of the app.

While a complicated enterprise-level application could be a bit more than it, but that will all depend on the
requirement and users of your application. Seamlessly your application will run on android and well iOS applications alike and provide the same output to all user base operating systems.

Data EximIT has years of experience in developing cross-platform apps, previously with phone gap and now with flutter! We have experienced developers who tend to work hard to keep clients’ satisfaction as their priority. Do not hesitate to contact us or drop us a mail with any of your requirement and we will get back to with a solution and a price that’s better than the market.

Frequently Asked Question

Native application development is done specially for a particular platform or device. On the other hand, Cross-platform development where coding is done once, and the app can be deployed on iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

For us distance is not the barrier, we can communicate through Mail, Skype, call or whatsapp, as per your convenience.

Our pricing structure is dependent upon an hourly basis, monthly basis, weekly basis or T&M model.

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