Drive your E-Commerce growth with these essential features

E-Commerce continues to grow swiftly as users prefer online shopping. In this digital world, it has become challenging for online sellers to maintain their E-Commerce websites and keep on updating with new features and trends. In order to catch the attention and retain users, you should have a good website with all the possible features. Let’s discuss some of the key features of an E-Commerce website.

  • Quick and easy registration:
    Keep the registration process simple and quick. You can also add a feature where the user can register via social media accounts in order to make it hassle-free.
  • Personalization Features:
    A survey states that 53% of online buyers believe that retailers who personalize the online shopping experience provide a valuable service. It shows that there is a demand and people love to shop where sellers are customizing the offering when they visit their E-Commerce site.
  • Responsive design: 
    Responsive websites help the web pages to render well on many devices which makes it easy for the user to access your website from many devices i.e. mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Clear images and zoom option:
    Crystal clear and eye-catches images attract the viewer the most. Buyers want to see the images of the product from multiple angles with a zoom effect in order to check the features and feel the product.
  • User-friendly navigation:
    An e-commerce website should be easy to use. You should prefer simple and easy navigation to help the new users to find whatever they want. It would be really helpful if you can provide a clear map from the landing page to check out.
  • My wish lists:
    My wish list is a feature where a user can create a wish list by adding the item he wants or most probably going to buy in near future.
  • Multiple Payment options:
    Every user prefers a different option for the payment. You should add all the possible payment options which are mostly preferred by shoppers. You can also offer the experience of international payments by allowing them to pay in multiple foreign currencies.
  • Users’ Feedback
    This feature is essential where a user can give his feedback or review about the products or service. User feedback is a very powerful tool to attract more users as it creates transparency and trustworthiness.
  • Web push notifications:
    Web push notification is a must-have feature for every e-commerce platform. It enhances user engagement by keeping the users updated about promotions, discounts, and other offers.
  • Security Features: 
    Security is one of the essential features of an E-Commerce platform. It is very important for the seller to protect the users’ information from cybercrime. The seller should take steps to ensure the privacy of the user.
  • Promotional offers:
    The customer is the king of the market and in order to delight them, sellers don’t miss to provide promotional offers and discounts.
  • Return and exchange policy:
    The customer feels comfortable buying products from an E-Commerce platform that provides an easy and hassle-free product return and exchange policy. This will help the seller to build trust with customers and improve the sales of the platform.

These are some of the most essentials features which you should take into consideration if you are planning to start your own new store or looking to upgrade your existing one.

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