An app speaks the needs we have around us, which further get addressed via a digital platform.

In the current spectrum that truly suggests the convenience at the best mode, is the on-demand taxi app. Whether it is the early morning hours to the office or an emergency at the wee hours, an on-demand taxi app is the best choice for your transport business.

The space of this very segment of app development has brought many taxi applications in the market, and MyTaxi app is creating a huge stir in the market.

What is the MyTaxi app?

Needless to say, but MyTaxi app is built for one sole purpose of offering the convenience to the users. Undeniably, the very introduction of taxi apps in our daily life has brought a revolution, where a taxi can be booked, for any destination by just swiping the finger on the Smartphone screen.

Request a taxi

The on-demand marketplace requires a diligent process. Within this feature, users can request for a particular task, or ask for the authentication. If user is looking forward to get the services of on-demand taxi, then it can be attained from here.

Push Notification

With the help of push notifications, the driver and the customer get the real-time information about the ride status or any new trip. Also, this feature enables users to get a discount or deal in the area.

Service Scheduler

The major functionality of the MyTaxi app is to offer the cab booking services, at the doorstep of the user. This feature allows the users to schedule their rides as per their convenience.


After getting the notification tracking the taxi, boosts the user-experience. Here the user can track the taxi to check the arrival time.


Payment integrations render coherent and smooth payments using debit cards, credit cards, and net banking. The multiple payment options help the users to pay hassle-free.


The matching formula is used to assign service providers to users, which is the mainspring of the on-demand platform like MyTaxi app.

Review & Ratings

Reviews & ratings help the customers to get the ratings and help them get full-fledged assistance in car allotment, driver authenticity, and quality service.

Bonus tips for seamless app functionality

  • Ease to register, allowing users, drivers and businesses to easily sign up and sign in.
  • Message alerts, but with a limit so your users are not bugged.
  • The search feature allows users to identify the location.
  • Price Calculator helps users to calculate the fare using the app only.
  • Real-Time Tracking Facility brings the exact solution, where users get the option of tracking the nearby cabs in real-time. GPS integration must be provided for the purpose.

How does the MyTaxi app work?

  • The users can book a licensed taxi;
  • They can track their driver’s arrival in real-time, and also provide instant feedback upon arrival.
  • Users get the opportunity to search for a driver from a huge selection of licensed taxi drivers. 
  • App gives an option to the users to book for the same day or as early as four days in advance.
  • After booking the driver, the location, arrival can be tracked on GPS.
  • Even a request can be raised for push notification on arrival.
  • The security feature lets the users inform their family and friends on the go.
  • Payment can be made in cash or card through the app.
  • App sends the payment receipt via email. 
  • Users can save the driver as a favorite, and book them again for future rides.

What to consider while developing an app like MyTaxi?

You must know that a successful app is never made out of the blue, but there are multiple factors that must be considered while making an on-demand taxi app. Here some of the essentials which can uplift your app to the next level are mentioned herewith. Let’s take a quick look…

Research To Get An MVP Model

Every app is the final outcome of the research conducted in the initial stage to help you decide the MVP model. With the help of the accurate MVP model, you save yourself from getting indulged into wrong features and functionalities, which might deem correct to you, but would not fit the taste of users.

Therefore, conduct thorough research to get a précised MVP model and build your app in accordance with, which further helps you save time and money together.

Check The Credibility Of The App Builder

The hired app developers can help you get an app filled with value and incredible quality. It’s vital to discover a balance between the two. On one hand, it’s tempting to opt for a less high priced and much less experienced app developer.

On the other hand, this could probably result in greater headaches further in the developer process, as you may probably require extra ongoing protection charges and produce lower returns. So opt for a quality app builder, not the least expensive one.

Picking Right OS Platform

Designing an app for Android entails a lot of different techniques than designing an app for the Apple App store. You want to determine on a platform earlier, so the developers know exactly the platform you want to have your app build and does not create an issue later.

However, it is highly recommended to pick the right and the required platform to start with, in accordance with your users’ preferences.

Adding Only The Required Functionalities

As an app owner, you certainly look forward to integrating every possible app feature to entice users but believe me it brings no help, but only the harm. Your users are naïve to use your app, thus they need some time to get accustomed to your app and its offered services.

Once your app users get comfortable with minimal app features, you can keep including more in the revised app versions to help the users to stay glued to your app further.

If you would include these aspects into your app, trust me there will no looking back on your app concept, because it would only be talking about the mainstream functionalities based on your targeted users’ demands.

Remember, the app development process needn’t be a painfully steeply-priced process; rather it can be a cherishing process, which further can add more value to your app concept.

Strategically, there are lots of approaches to hold expenses to a minimal. The maximum crucial thing is choosing the right app development company. With the right development company, you can boom the efficiency of app improvement, whilst a finely-tuned and completely-examined app proper from the beginning.

Considering the amount of popularity, indeed every business; be it small, mid or big size looks forward to getting an efficient taxi app developed for selling their products and expanding their customers’ database.

However, one BIG & DREADFUL question, curb you moving ahead, and that is COST. Cost is one of the prime reasons, an app fails to come into existence and despite having potential, your services miss the opportunity to get accessed by the targeted audience. Surprisingly, the cost of app development depends upon the type of app you are developing i.e. whether it’s a simple or a complex type of app. Also, there are various other factors to be looked upon while developing an app.

How much does it cost to develop an app like MyTaxi?

Hmm, a very valid question! The question; how much does cost to create an app like MyTaxi, is the most asked. However, you must know that the cost of the app development depends on various factors and you must consider all those facts, before getting an accurate estimation about your app. The factors to be considered are Number of features Type of functionalities, Number of OSs involved, Technology type to be used, Henceforth, if you are willing to get accurate price estimation for your app project then you must reach out to the team of experts from Data EximIT to help you attain the perfect solution for your app requirements, that would suit your budget as well.

To conclude, it can easily be stated that the success of your app hinges largely at the app development company you pick. These app development companies vary in fee, features, offerings, know-how, and performance.

Thus, find an app development partner, who not just assists you with development but who will also provide you with innovative advice, advertising, and marketing guidelines to ensure the ongoing fulfillment of your app, so discover, a company that has a lot of innovation in addition to development and chooses the best option available as the Mobile app development company that is none other than Data EximIT.

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