How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Careem?

With the changing time, we all have got familiar with various sorts of service, which can be brought and cherished by technological advancements, where technology lets something new and exciting to come in our life and offer and surprise us with vivid innovations.

A decade ago, the use of mobile phones was very limited; however, with the passage of time, the functionality of mobile phones has also revived and has emerged as one of the most powerful devices.

The on-demand taxi app concept has grown out to be so popular, that every business is willing to embrace the engaging app concept to improve their revenue funnel.

In the field of mobile app technology, the on-demand app concept is a bigger blessing and has also emerged as one of the amazing inventions which made people well-versed with new ways of doing the tasks smartly rather than completing the tasks through hard work and making it more time-consuming.

On-demand taxi apps have offered the new version of convenience to the users which are proving to be quite interesting and enjoyable by the people.

With this post, we are going to shed some light on the incredible set of functionalities that are available with the Careem app.

This very app concept is already garnering enough o attention across the globe and is letting users access the services at the best. With this pot let’s figure out that what all it takes to make an app like Careem. Let’s read further…

What Is Careem App?

Careem is a car booking app, which is based in Dubai. Today Careem is available in many countries, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Riyadh, Lahore, etc.

How Does Careem Work?

Careem is an on-demand cab booking app, and as the functionality suggests, it is very easier for the users to book the cab from this portal. The usability of the app is mentioned below…

    • User account creation, letting users sign up with social credentials as well or with a traditional signup form.
    • On selecting, the app provides the type of car options; GO (First Class), Economy and Business.
    • On login, the user needs to select the destination and can also select the time also, for the scheduled ride.
    • The app detects the user’s location and if required, the user can edit it as well.
    • Users can opt for either pay via credit card or cash payment.

What Are The Features To Be Included In The Careem App?

No doubt to make an app like Careem is not an easy task, because there are multiple features and functionalities that are involved in this app’s platform. These features have evolved since the time of the app launch. Let’s take a look at some of the basic features that are part of Careem.
features & functionalities

Passenger App
Features For An App Like Careem

  • User profile

  • Cab booking

  • Billing

  • Pre-Scheduled bookings

  • Automated e-receipts

  • Users’ Feedback

  • Edit Profile option

  • SMS alerts/ notification

  • GPS system

  • Multiple payment options

  • Ride history

Driver App Features For An App Like

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Automated e-receipts

  • Notifications (for drivers)

  • SMS alerts (for a new, cancel and other services)

  • Users’ Feedback

How to make a successful app like Careem?

It’s a moot point for many marketers, but you cannot deny that monopoly is not the term made for the app market as there are several competitors who strive hard to create the most impressive and unique apps.

But in spite of a lot of hard work and efforts, some on-demand taxi apps do not mark their presence up to scratch. Now let’s have a look at the factors that can affect the growth and popularity of the taxi app and it is hardly a matter of concern whether an app is built for the Android or the iOS platform, but its approach is something, what we are going to discuss ahead in this post, let’s read further…

Don’t Fiddle With Marketing Strategy

So this part cannot be skipped or taken lightly as it is of great significance. Have you ever thought that there are thousands of apps in the market then how a customer will come to know about the new apps?

Only the formation of the perfect app is not enough to rule the market, also the right approach to expand the reach of an app is important. Marketing is not only beneficial from the marketer’s point of view but it also helps the customers to get information about the apps.

Hence, marketing is a powerful tool to drive more customers and get connected with them. So the lack of a proper marketing strategy can hamper the growth of the apps.

Include Intricate UI Design

UI basically stands for User interface and this is the main thing that defines the users’ experience. The UI design of an app decides the look and feel that an app will deliver to the users.

Good design always attracts the users and enhances their experience of using an app. So there must be compatibility between the user and the app. Sometimes the thought of creating something unique leads to complex designs that are really difficult for the people to understand and use it.

Complex designs are neither recommended nor preferred by the users thus, affecting the growth of the apps.

Don’t Mess With Unique Concept

To create a unique app is the foremost priority of every developer. People also love to experience something new and creative in the apps.

There are so many apps in the market but until an app does not look and work differently in comparison to other apps then how it will be preferred by the people over the others. So, one should research the prevailing apps and find room for creativity. Else, ordinary apps are not welcomed in the market.

Pay Attention To The App Response Rate

This is another aspect that affects the growth of the apps. If someone tries to open an app and it takes time, this is quite disappointing for the user. Users always expect a quick response from an app and the slow working of an app can affect the professional and daily tasks of the people.

If the performance of the app is not good then people prefer to avoid using it and try to find out some better options. These kinds of responses from customers are not good for an app.

Too Many Features, Only Create Clutter

Sometimes integration of too many features in an app is not liked by the users. Infusing many features in an app sometime creates a hustle-bustle in the mind of the users and they get confused. Also, these kinds of apps become complex and difficult to understand which curtail the no. of app users.

Users always look for something that is easy to understand and access. Hence, developers should emphasize on the no. of features need to be integrated into an app for easy accessibility.

Practice Vigorous Testing

This is one of the most important parts of an app development process. So there is no scope of skipping this part because it hampers the growth of the apps. After making an app it is quite important to test it because this will help the developers to know the flaws of an app.

If the app is released in the market without testing then there are possibilities of error in an app and this will lower down the value of an app in the market.

Proceed With Timely Monitoring

It the app developed by the developer is not timely checked then how they will know that what are the issues faced by an app and how is it performing? Untimely monitoring of the apps leads to delay in fixing of issues and this kind of performance of the apps is not at all liked by the users which again affect the progress of the apps.

So do not let such ill factors to affect the growth of the apps and businesses. Get your app designed by the professionals who are well versed with all these aspects to give a boost to your business, and such pool of experts can easily be found with a leading app development company, which can further assist you with the best app development services and solutions for your business.

Apart from these essentials, there are multiple aspects that must be considered while developing an app like Careem, and one of the essentials that really is a concern for you is the development cost. And you want to know how much does cost to make an app like Careem Taxi app?

Don’t Pick The Outdated Version

We all prefer to stay updated and trendy, similarly outdated version of the apps creates a feeling of boredom in the people. So it is very important for the developers to stay up-to-date about the latest trends of the app development so that they can come up with the latest version of apps to keep the users intact.

An outdated version of the app starts losing the interest of the people and if the people find anything new and interesting in another app they prefer to go for it. These kinds of situations can be quite disastrous for mobile apps.

So let’s find out further that how much an app
like Careem would cost to you…

Just to give you a quick synopsis of the app development cost you must know that there are multiple factors that eventually trigger and affect your development cost.
Those factors can be features, functionalities, technology and OSs, and many other aspects.
However, to give you a rough order of on-demand taxi app can be anything between 5k USD To 150k USD
At Data EximIT, we ensure to carve out an app that fits into your budget and meets your demand as well.
So what are you waiting for???
Just get in touch with our team of experts and get the detailed estimation to build an app like Careem, and grow your business to the next level.

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The app development is a process which can take 4 weeks to 1 year in development.  Depending upon the features and functionalities integrated within the app.

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