17 Proven Ways To Promote Your Mobile Application

Mobile application promotion has become competitive as the technology is providing a more and easier solution for every small problem. Now a student can develop a mobile application for simple use or interaction and can become a trendsetter in
universities. To tackle and build a successful mobile application following proven techniques can help increase your app users:

1. Define The Solution Your App Offers:
One of the crucial factors which many mobile app developers don’t pay attention to is defining the purpose of mobile application development. Being clear on what you have to offer to users helps target the right audience.

2. Landing Page:
The landing page is the first impression, so always make it simple and place greeting as well as relevant content’s brief on it. The
creativity of the landing page drives users towards the main content easily.

3. Blog Writing:
A blog is a part of content marketing and helps not only but users with content related to your problem solving the mobile application.

4. Social Media:
One of the most effective method today to promote your mobile application is having a strong social media presence. This technique attracts more users on the bases of how many already are using the app.

5. Third-Party Blogs:
Another digital marketing method that everyone uses is posting blogs on third-party websites. Technical bloggers, news and media
websites help to post an article on free or paid services which further directs its website’s traffic towards your mobile application.

6. Content Discovery Tools:
Content discovery tools such as Disque help increase mobile app download more.

7. Infographics:
There are also simple tools like visualize.me which helps in creating attractive infographics, and by sharing them with writers, bloggers help to reach more audiences.

8. App Awards:
Apply to an organization which awards mobile applications based on different aspects of mobile app development. Nominations and winner tags help increase the trust of upcoming users.

9. User Interaction:
In the app store, users leave reviews which help in upgrading your mobile application re-development. Interacting with users
there for further suggestions helps build a strong user base.

10. Podcast:
A podcast is now new, but it had become popular in recent years. Now many professional podcasters help innovation and new trends to set out in the world.

11. ASO:
ASO stands of App Store Optimization. By improving the description of the app, icon design and screenshots of the application can help attract more users.

12. Community Building:
There are many forums where people alike ask questions and discuss possible ideas and solution, being part of these
communities can help you create your community for a mobile app.

13. Offer Discounts:
Everyone likes discounts, so it is one of the proven ways to increase the numbers of mobile app users.

14. Customer Ratings:
Encouraging users to rate your mobile application in the app store, help upcoming users to trust your application over others and also helps in ASO.

15. Performance Monitor:
By monitoring the performance of your mobile application helps in how many installed your app and how many deleted, these numbers help re-develop your marketing strategy.

16. Quora:
In the Quora app, people ask questions about all kinds of things. By searching for relevant questions and providing your mobile application as a solution helps grow your user base more.

17. Free Trials:
If you want to earn from your mobile application services, first you can give a free trial to the user and can encourage them for the next cycle of use.

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Get to know your audience and allow them to know you personally which can help to create brand loyalty, and this can only be earned through digital marketing.

The audience has more potential to be closely aligned to app through the marketing initiatives and advertising efforts ultimately helps marketers get the most value out of their ad campaigns.

App marketing is important because your customers treat their mobile phones like someone who is closer to them than their lovers, parents, or pets, and with the marketing plans you allow your potential customers to know more about your app.

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