AngularJS Development Company

You have the opportunity to build multiple one-page applications with AngularJS development service provided by Data EximIT. We are a prominent AngularJS development company who can assist your business in making fast and sleek applications.

  • Two-way data binding system
  • Updating pages without reloading
  • Interlinking front-end and back-end changes
  • Creating interactive and attention-grabbing websites
  • Developing user-friendly mobile applications
  • Building responsive sites
  • Providing e-commerce websites and applications for different platforms

What We Offer!

Data EximIT offers exceptional Angular JS Development Services. Along with that, we also showcase expertise in creating interactive websites and mobile applications.

Major UI Frameworks

We work with major UI frameworks like UI-bootstrap, Ionic framework, Semantic UI, and many more.

Angular JS Servers

We manage Angular JS on servers with Nginx, Django, and node.js

Web Applications

We have delivered web applications for businesses in a multitude of fields.

Pre-rendering approach for SEO

For Angular JS-based web app, we maintain clean URLs and serve them differently for web crawlers.

Expertise for Technologies

Our developers have expertise in Angular JS technologies like oAuth and SocketIO.

Experience in Angular JS

We have experts with hands-on experience on Angular JS services that works to provide the best experience to your business.

Fact File

Data-binding is the most useful feature of Angular JS. A typical web application contains 80% of its code base dedicated to traversing, manipulating, and listening to the DOM. Data-binding makes this code disappear, so that you can focus on your application.

Understand the Problem

Understanding the problem to build the best prototype

Design, Build, and Deploy

Your projects will not only be designed, but also developed entirely in the shortest timeframes

Upscale your Product

Support, maintain, and upscale your product regularly

Full Control

The designers have full control at every stage of the process, ensuring that your inputs are accommodated on real-time basis.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes we follow the GDPR rule and these regulations will affect your business if you have a website or store customer data.

AngularJS fits the definition of a framework the best, even though it’s much more lightweight than a typical framework and that’s why many confuse it with a library. But you should know that AngularJS is 100% JavaScript, 100% client-side and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers.

Although it is a bit technical, but in a commoner language it can be said that HTML has angular brackets and “ng” sounds like “AngularJS”.

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