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Looking for an innovative and strategic solution to all your website development worries? With the help of our Joomla Web development services, whether it is about content management, web management or portal management – we provide complete end-to-end solutions. These include:

  • Website and Component Development
  • Modules and Themes Development
  • Applications and Templates Development

Get the Best Services in Joomla Development Services by Data EximIT

Large Array of Extensions Available

We provide an extensive range of extension which are of low cost and extremely customizable owing to their open-source foundation

Handling Multiple Pages

With developers working on managing all web pages from a single interface, the loading time is reduced and the overall efficiency of your website is enhanced to a large extent

Continuous Revamping and Updating

Every business goes through a continuous process of branding and re-branding. Through this, websites can be updated at extremely very low cost while enabling entire paradigm shifts.

Easy Management and Content Updates

Whether it is the removal of old pages, images and content or creating and editing new pages – everything gets better and easily manageable with the help of proper expertise and skills.

Fact File

Did you know that Joomla runs on 64 different languages and 7% of the websites which are successful – all work on Joomla!

The Process of Development

Determining and Planning Goals

This includes analysing the target audience, the features required, page speed, deadlines and competition. Goals are structured according to these aspects, making the development process holistic to a large extent

Defining the Scope

Being accountable for the time-based framework under which the process can be completed, with all the preferred activities being prioritized, is a crucial step in the development cycle

Designing Different Aspects

This is a crucial part of the development cycle where everything from layout, colours, themes, logos and the entire database is designed and integrated into the first prototypes

Developing and Testing

Ease in navigation, payment gateway integration, CMS management, contact forms implementation is essential elements of this step. The scripts and coding, internal links, compatibility with browsers, SEO optimization – all are aspects that involve the creative potential of both the client as well as our expert team members

Frequently Asked Question

Joomla is a pretty secure CMS, but security breach can take place anytime, hence it is good to implement the best security practices to protect yourself

No, because the website development cost is based on the requirements and features of a website.

Joomla is free to use under GPL.

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