Build Captivating Apps with Mobile App UI Design

Be ahead of your competition by developing a creative and interactive mobile app UI design for your customers. Make your application customer friendly and fulfil all their requirements with our mobile app UI design.

  • Design effective background for your mobile application
  • Select the best methods that suit your audience’s preferences and interests
  • Design hamburger menu for mobile apps UI
  • Seamless and easy to navigate app design services
  • Create a benchmark for customer experience for your mobile app design company

Services We Offer!

We, at Data EximIT work with multitude requirements and functionalities. Our up-to-date team of Mobile Apps UI designers specifically work on creating amazing mobile applications that as functional and effective.

Prototype’s the Way

“But, that’s not my type”. You won’t hear that from us. We believe in fulfilling your exact requirements. Hence, we build a prototype before making the actual design to understand your type.

Playful Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are subtle moments centered around accomplishing a single task. We include playful micro-interactions to match unbeatable UX.

Out of the Box Thinking

Experience out of the box interpretation for your app design by using various features like design widgets, icons, graphics, and many other user interface elements.

User-Friendly Designs

Create trendy and user-friendly designs for your business with our mobile app UI

Fact File

People spend an average time of 158 minutes on their smartphones. Out of that 158 minutes, 127 minutes are spent in browsing mobile apps and only 31 minutes are spent on browsing or visiting websites. This means that custom user experience would be the staple of mobile applications

Evolution of Design

Plan the Flow

Firstly, understand and analyze the purpose of the application and find out where the customers are lacking.

Standardize the Elements

Make a list of all elements that we are using the prototype. It includes everything from title bars and menus to font sized and color palettes.

Final Mobile UI Design Style Guide

A style guide is a useful tool for developers as it implements the customer’s design while coding the app’s interface.

Frequently Asked Question

It depend on traffic expectations, server company and server parameters can be defined which can range in $10 USD to $100 USD per month and even much more.

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We do not provide source code before payment completion to protect our rights. We can still give you image of one or two coding chunks to keep you on the same page.

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Yes, you may, but it depends on the budget flexibility and also you should have a specialized iPad and tablet version of the app.

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