Hire Android App Developers for developing Mobile Based Applications

With the rise in usage of mobile phones, various applications are finding immense usage in the market today. Hire Android app Developers who can build useful and attractive applications in cost-effective ways.

  • Cross-Platform Functionality
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Backend Support
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development Standards
  • Target Audience

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Hire android app developers with Data EximIT and you will receive only the best from us.

Android App Design

We have you covered as far as aesthetic elements are concerned, including proper color themes, smoothness of navigation and overall digital architecture

Android App Development

With the help of our expert team, you can define each and every intricate element of your application, including entry points, compatibility with different devices, broadcast receivers, in-app content and more

Maintaining Standards

All the apps that we develop are built and designed according to the market standard that apply in this respect, including those for vision, functionality, compatibility, stability, performance, and more.

User’s Choice

With the help of the immense customizability that the Android platform offers, we can craft personalized frameworks that can be molded to fit within any type of requirements

Fact File

In 2017, the collected data confirmed that there are 600 applications developed each day. The rate has increased to more than 1000 android applications developed each day. This shows how necessary it is to hire android app developers.

The Manifestation of the Application

Developing Agenda

The first step in application development is making an agenda for the process of development. The foremost aspect in this case involves defining the nature of the development process, such as agile methodology, as well as the steps involved in the same, such as conceptualization and wire-framing.

Requirement Alignment

This step involves developing an overview or blueprint based on the client requirements as well as the inherent scope that the project is based upon to push the process forward.

Design and Development

After thorough research, the application would be designed as per the requirements and developed by taking into consideration the budget, timeline, design aspects, and functionality-based requirements.

Testing, Implementing and Disposing

The testing and implementation is the next step after developing the application, which enables it to face the expectations of quality and efficiency that the company as well as the market defines. After this, the final step would be deploying the application and making it available online.

The long and winding road

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we provide after support and application maintenance services on request.

Of course you will and every code you would receive on the completion of the project.

There is no problem in interacting with the team, you can contact team through different modes of communication, as per your convenience.

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