Serving a Plethora of Industries

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Industries are a major source of production of goods and services for a country. Whether it is healthcare or education, lifestyle or travel, every industry is a part of our horizon. At Data EximIT, we understand our responsibilities towards al businesses spread across various industries. As a result, we provide various services like graphic designing and web development and maintenance that are all executed by highly qualified professionals.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

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Travel and Tourism

Traveling is one of the most adventurous things for people who want to explore. The websites have to more than just informative and visually attractive. Interactive designs which deliver more than just the required information are developed by our IT solutions and applications. Our qualitative solutions would always be there to help you against the hospitality challenges!


The retail sector has seen immense development with e-commerce taking center stage. Logistics, tracking of shipments, analyzing target market and audience, sales, and purchases, all have taken a mobile and interactive shape. Creating a unified experience through multi-platform and omnichannel solutions provides you a customized solution for your business needs.

Hotels and Stays

A great trip is never complete without a great hotel stay. Hotel booking sites need to be intuitive, communicative and easy to navigate, to make the overall experience impressive for the user. Texts, visuals, cues inspired by user data, behavior and shopping psychology are transformed into fabulous designs by us. This makes people feel welcomed even with completely automated interactions.

Lifestyle & Sports

Sports websites have a huge fan-base around the world. These websites act as encyclopedias of sports. They provide information about sportspersons, leagues, matches and even allowing users to participate in fantasy matches. To make a website this interactive, it needs premium designs and efficient coding. Our tailor made solutions deliver the communication and experience your audience needs.


Healthcare as an industry has been made more accessible through various technological advances. Cloud based storage has minimized the efforts and maximized the results by getting an easy access to every solution. Regular care solutions, innovative measures to spread awareness and cure for diseases are now easily available. We provide customized mobility solutions so that you stay ahead of the masses at all steps.


Education is the most important way to spread awareness about burning issues. Therefore the learning experience needs to be enhanced and improvised regularly. Mobility of the educational platforms and e-learning efficiency can be achieved by designing interactive websites for education and similar sources. With Data EximIT, this would seem like a cakewalk for you.

Why Should Industries Choose Us?

Our research and analytical methods are based on in-depth information about client requirements. Our sole aim is to provide a stronger relationship and a communicative link between the business and its customers. Here are some of the highlights which make us stand out of the crowd:

  • Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Dedication towards Your Goals
  • Honest and Accurate Operations
  • Amateur Designers and Experts
  • Qualitative & Automated Processes
  • Intuitive and Interactive Designs
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