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The Ruby programming language is extremely enhanced due to its compactness, built-in test automation tools, and rich framework capabilities. Data EximIT uses this full-stack development framework for complex web and SaaS applications that require rapid delivery.

  • Custom RoR solutions
  • Code Audit and Quality Assurance
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development
  • Maintenance and Support

Put your Back End on Rails

Ruby engineers at Data EximIT have the ability to make custom made RoR applications by making the most of the efficiency and compactness that this language offers. Ruby on Rails development can satisfy any demand considering business structure. This is due to the fact that the language offers the ability to add immense complexity to your brand communication and representation online.


When it comes to urgent projects, Ruby on Rails can be scaled to multiple server environments. And this makes it easier to run in no time.


Ruby has a set of in-built operational configurations and this make it easier for the developer on taking decisions. RoR is optimized for sustainable productivity.

Load Resistance

Depending on the load, Ruby can be constructed and this provides a flexible monolithic architecture.

Fact File

According to an analysis by Indeed, the biggest online job search platform, the demand for Ruby on Rails developers is nearly 5 times the demand for Python developers, and nearly 10 times the demand for PHP developers.

Integrate Your Business with RoR

The freedom as well as the power that comes with having access to a vast and rich programming language such as Ruby on Rails comes with a ton of benefits.

Custom API development

Ruby on Rails leverages business activities that can be used along with customer demand so that custom APIs can be crafted. As a Ruby on Rails Development company, we provide customer-specified custom APIs

Payment gateway

Ruby on Rails development services from Data EximIT can provide efficient and secure payment gateways and since the focus is on fast delivery, setting up such gateways is an advantage.

Third Party Integration

Ruby on Rails’ API applications can be integrated, thereby allowing custom integrated solutions, such as social network functionalities, payment gateways and more to flourish on your website. The Data EximIT team is capable of delivering timely results at the users’ demand.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes we do. We have a team of expert graphic designers, who have created some of the most engaging designs for different industries globally.

Category: ROR Development

The RoR framework helps developers to build websites and applications, because it abstracts and simplifies common repetitive tasks.

Category: ROR Development

ROR stands for Ruby on Rails, and yes it is an open-source framework for Web development in Ruby, also it is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language similar to Perl and Python.

Category: ROR Development

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