Strengthen Your Online Store with OpenCart Development

The core of the management system that lets your e-commerce platform function effectively has to be properly maintained, nurtured and integrated. It is the heart of your online store. This is where a powerful e-commerce management system like OpenCart comes into the picture. The experts at Data EximIT are equipped with the ability to provide you with only the best in terms of OpenCart development.

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy Navigation
  • Efficient Product Management
  • Curated Checkout Experiences
  • Definitive Order Tracking

Free and Open Source

OpenCart development services will help you gain access to a wide array of opportunities owing to the immense customizability that it offers

Store Management

Through OpenCart website development, store management can be made more efficient, thereby influencing and increasing the profitability of the business to a large extent as well

Extensions and Themes

With the wide array of themes and templates that OpenCart offers to its customers, you can leave it to us to develop some truly spectacular and breath-taking user interfaces for your online store.

Unlimited Support

With the ability to add unlimited products, as well as unlimited categories, the freedom that comes with OpenCart integration is vast. Let us help you handle this freedom with all the support that you need, at every step of the way.

Fact File

OpenCart supports multiple languages as well as multiple currency systems, making it one of the best platforms for developing your e-commerce website, especially if you want it to expand on a global scale.

The Process We follow


The first step involves understanding the target audience as well as the specifications upon which the client wants to base their online store


The next step involves focusing on the design-based elements, which includes using OpenCart for the purpose of defining the essential way in which the online store will communicate and provide an extensive experience for the users


Once the aesthetics of the e-commerce platform have been decided upon, the development process is carried out for the purpose of ensuring the development of efficient digital infrastructure and functionalities


The final, but often the most important and repeated step, involves testing the e-commerce platform for aspects such as usability, threats/bugs, customer convenience and other aspects.

Frequently Asked Question

 The current OpenCart version supports many established payment systems, including PayPal services,, Moneybookers, 2Checkout to name a few.

A payment gateway is an online analogue of a physical credit card processing terminal that can locate in retail shops. It is more like a bridge working in the middle of an online store and credit card network.

There are two common methods for uploading files to a web host; using cPanel File Manager Utility & using an FTP Client.

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