Reasons to Choose Data EximIT as Your Node JS Development Company

Strengthen your back-end processes with Node js development. Build faster and real-time applications with event-driven and speedy Node.js development services.

  • Flexible Node JS websites
  • Cover a wide audience for your business
  • Concise and effective framework
  • Custom plugins for business portals

Experience the Best Services

What makes us different from other Node.js development companies? We are committed to provide the best results for your business. These are some of the services we offer.

Excellent Support after Project Delivery

Our team of expert developers supports your company even after project delivery. This is because we believe in serving only the best to our clients.

Build Node JS Applications on Time

We build faster and scalable applications that improve the productivity of your business to quite high standards.

Develop Custom Plugins

Develop customized plugins in the portal with Node JS applications and add specific features to your existing digital domain

Outstanding Command on Coding

The expert developers in our team have an outstanding command on coding, which allows them to work seamlessly with the various functionalities that he Node JS language offers

Robust Client-app Communication

NodeJS web development application can handle “N” number of client application requests at one time

Fact File

Node.js, powered by the Google V8 engine, operates in the back-end. It is the same runtime as Google Chrome and executes JavaScript in the front-end. Now, what’s so special about that? Developer teams competing to advance JavaScript have made it one of the most dynamic and fastest runtimes. Google proudly lists Node.js among other system engine powers, a product of consistent efforts to develop a better linguistic framework from the shell of Javascript.

Easy Hiring Process

Defining a Local Environment

Ensuring that your app has a secure environment to develop within is a crucial aspect when it comes to a clutter-free developmental cycle

Configuring your App Features

Integration of API keys and other basic aspects is an important part of this particular step

Crafting a Project Centered on the App Idea

This defines the project structure that will ultimately lead to the development of the app as a whole, through a step-by-step process that the defined structure itself initiates

Building the App

This involves implementing each of the steps of the process and realizing the requirements of the structural components of the app

Deploying the App

This involves ensuring that the backend functionalities as well as the overall features of the app run in tandem with how they are supposed to align with the needs of the user

Frequently Asked Question

For sure we can, but first we need to study the designs to deliver the best quality and consistency, but we can be flexible with this. If they do not meet our high standards, then we will be honest and recommend that we create the designs for you instead.

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You don’t need to worry, because Node.js includes a debugging utility called debugger. To enable it start the Node.js with the debug argument followed by the path to the script to debug.

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Node.js is a run-time JavaScript environment built on top of Chrome’s V8 engine. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. It is lightweight and so efficient.

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