How Much A Movie Streaming Website Design & Development Costs?

Movie Streaming Website Development

Are you planning to develop a website for movie streaming? then the first question is how much does a movie streaming website development cost?

The invention of Television was thought to be a failed one when introduced to Americans in the 80s. But Now this mode of entertainment has evolved into streaming websites and mobile applications. One of the most popular ones is Netflix. After the success of Netflix, every entertainment company and channel started to launch its own video streaming websites and apps. If you also came here to find out if your movie streaming website idea is viable or not then rest assured, you can also launch your own website by hiring the right web development company and putting efforts into marketing for the right audience.

Business Model Strategy By Web Development Company In India

  1. Find Your Niche Market

There are many significant competitors in the market of movie streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon video prime, etc. For your movie stream website to be successful, you will need to decide on which market to target. For example, for movie streaming platforms you can start with a particular genre of a movie such as romantic comedy movies for every language and from every country. Finding your niche market will help you choose the target market as well.

  1. Know Your Content

Now after choosing the niche market, you will need the content. The movies you want your audience to see needs to be collected. Following the above example of romantic comedy movies, you need to have all the videos in HD as well as standard quality for all types of users. Another thing to decide is how often you will update and notify your audience about content. Also, which material you will provide for money and which will be free needs to be decided too.

  1. Style To Follow

Your website will be your business, and business is legally considered an entity in every country. Hence, your site needs to have a personality. The personality of a site is decided through theme, voice, and style it follows and represents. By determining these features, you can promote your website as a brand. You can also pick a similar manner like that of Netflix but to have a strong market presence and to attract users; unique style should be preferred.

  1. Presence In All Platform

Building a website for movie streaming is not enough to reach a broader market even if your target audience at the initial level is small. To achieve a vast audience, the best web development company would suggest you build a mobile application for various platforms as well.

5.Focus On Target Audience

The last step to build a concrete business model strategy for your movie streaming website development is to focus on the target audience first. Your digital marketing efforts should speak about your site keeping in mind what your target audience is like and what they prefer. In the example of a romantic comedy movie streaming website, your target audience will probably be women from age 14-30 who enjoys watching such movies.

Once you are ready with all stages of a business model strategy, you will require a technology partner to build and maintain the website. Hiring your team is always good but if you are tight on budget but wants a quality website, then hiring a web development company as a partner can save your efforts, time and money at the same time. To choose the best web development company, you should also understand which technology stack will be used for website development.

Technology To Build A Movie Streaming Website Development

  • Website Design & Development

Designs are the first visual marketing tool for your movie streaming website. It will also speak of your site as a brand. The user interface and user experience are specially designed by the team assigned to your project by the company. The team uses various tools to come up with the best quality work. Moreover, if you wish to have a mobile app for movie streaming, it will also require design and development. The hours need for designing are 800 to 900 depending on your website requirements.

  • MVP Of A Streaming Service

A movie streaming website and the app can have many features based on the business model. Based on the uniqueness of the content, a new feature can be developed as well by your partnered web development company. At the initial stage, it is advisable to have primary functions first until your website gets more popularity. Those essential features are as follows:

Features Hours of Development
Payment Gateway 20
User Registration And Profile 24
Search Option 32
User Interactions 48
Push Notifications 32
Settings 33
Admin Panel 16
Social Media Integration 10
Ratings Of Videos 34
Live Streaming 80


  • Development Tools

A website is a mix of various tools used for different development needs. Programming languages which are used for website development are Java, Python, Kotlin, Swift, Javascript; databases are MySQL, Cassandra, Oracle; the framework which is compatible with a streaming app is Node.js;

  • Platforms

The first platform is the internet itself; building a movie streaming website is your first platform where you will attract customers. The secondary platforms are Google Play Store and the Apple store. Here, you will need a mobile app. Your web development company also can provide you a mobile app development service. The cost of which is again determined through for how many platforms you wish to develop a mobile app. For example, initial you can target only Apple device users. The cost of development depends on the hours spent on project development.

Now you must have gotten a glimpse of what your cost would be for a movie streaming website development. When hiring or partnering with a web and mobile development company, you first can consult with our project manager regarding the possibility of your business idea and based on your vision, we at Data EximIT try our best to give you an opportunity based on market condition.

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