Albeit the mention of the real-estate is not always a reason to bring glad tidings in our lives, since there are multiple steps involved into it.

Yes, it is a fact that real-estate services are very much in demand these days and this demand has led to many online facilities to bloom further and consequently the competition in the real-estate industry has risen to a large level of all times.

Every property broker or the company is willing to come out of the competition bubble with flying colors, and in this run, technology is helping them at a larger stretch.

The technology intervention in the real-estate field is not something new and has already helped different industries with the tech-filled solutions.

The technology has helped the real-estate industry further with the app technology as well, where the users can access the service at their fingertips and get the aid as per their convenience.

In the current scenario, it is mandatory for every real-estate service provide to have a mobile app…

Do you still think why???

Hmmm, in such scenario I would suggest you read this post ahead and explore the reasons…

Record Management

It is no more a hidden fact that it is very hard for the real-estate managers to keep the buyers’ and sellers’ database handy and it somehow leads to the delay in the offering the solution during the event of emergency, but with a mobile app, every broker can keep the record or access the reports through a digital platform, which is not just easy but comforting as well.

Also, due to this real-estate managers can give more time analyzing and diagnosing the available property and offer the quality services without a fail.

Helps In Marketing

With a mobile app platform, your real-estate business can have an effective marketing tool which can let the consumers access any special news or information offered in time.

A mobile app lets your users receive the push messages system, which informs the users and consequently helps in gaining business revenue.

Convenient Payment

With a mobile app, the best feature you get is the payment optimization, in which your buyers & sellers can make the payment as per their convenient mode effortlessly.

A Convenience Tool For Consumers

Real-estate is the business which deals with detailed field work, and this makes their lives a hectic schedule and trust me the very little time they get in a day (if possible) cannot be spent in collecting and organizing the information.

On the other hand, consumers also need to keep a track on the available property options, and carry the information handy with them always.

It is indeed a tumultuous journey which every property seller or buyer has to go through in the event of dealing with the real-estate. But with a mobile app platform, this issue is resolved in a jiffy of a moment and users can easily upload their information, schedule appointments and take required real-estate advice as per their convenience.

Higher Accessibility

In a city, the good real-estate service providers are in abundance, but when it comes to remote areas, the scarcity of good property dealing facilities is experienced at the large.

And no prize for guessing but in the event of no good facility, many precious properties lose their worth and are compromised, which is a sad and dreadful reality.

But you would be surprised to know that in such condition a mobile app for the real-estate system comes as a blessing and let the consumers from the remote areas access the best possible property services or assistance from the leading property builders or the real-estate providers with just a tap on the mobile app.

Win The Competition

I would be wrong if I will not consider the competition existing in the real estate industry, eventually, just like any other industry; this very industry too has its own share of competition.

With a mobile app, you allow your consumers to access your services through a digital platform, through their fingertips and this creates a healthy competition amongst the industry.

Now you can see, that how a mobile app for your real-estate brings the benefits, which not just helps you to increase the business revenue but also it helps to create a value amongst your users and help them to access you with ease.

Features that are needed to build a successful real-estate mobile app for your business…

There is an app for everything… This is a famous quote in the app development field, and surprisingly this phenomenon is said to be true for many factors, and the biggest factor is the need of the hour.

Yes, the need which is oozing out all the way from the users’ end, give a boost to every possible industry to adopt the mobile app development process, so the users can access the required services under their fingertips.

The legacy of mobile apps has carried forward to the real estate industry as well, where the number of benefits to be accessed from the app platform are in abundance, and every real estate owner prefers to get a mobile app to expand their business visibility to the larger and the wider area.

But since the competition in the mobile app development field is taking a toll on some of the mobile apps, so it is advisable to take note of certain features, which is included can help your real estate mobile app to grow successfully.

With this post, you can explore the number of features to be included in the real-estate mobile app, let’s read ahead…
        • Allow the customization feature
        • Home/property listing option
        • Setting favorites
        • Integrate Virtual Reality technology
        • Advanced property search
        • Interactive map
        • Mortgage Calculator
        • Calendar

These are the features that can help your real-estate mobile app to get recognized and get popular amongst the users. Also, the selection of the right app development company is a must for your mobile app concept, since the right app Development Company has the required expertise and the technical exposure to handle your app’s needs and help it win the odds of competition.

Other aspects you need to consider are, that which factors can make the app development duration process get delayed, are…

As an app developer, one of the most common questions asked from you is that how long does it take to build the real-estate mobile app???

This question is not asked once, or twice but throughout the app development process, there are various incidents where you would be asked from your client about the duration of the app development, which is quite justified from the client’s perspective and it is not wrong from any point.

But there are certain factors that trigger your app development duration, and if these factors can be controlled, then your mobile app can get ready at its designated time…

Willing to know what are those factors???

Then you must read ahead…

Selection of many app platforms

When you decide to develop a mobile app, then you must ensure that you are selecting a mostly used or popular platform amongst your users, because if you pick all the platforms in one go, then you would end up investing more time and money in the development process.

Excessive number of app features

Do you know the number of app features you select for your mobile app consumes time and money both in the app development process? I know it is a very common concept to have a number of features for your mobile app, but you need to understand that by integrating many features, you extend the time and it confuses your users as well.

Picking a least experienced app developer

Your mobile app developer expertise and excellence affect the app development duration since the technical efficiency of your app developer help in building the mobile app faster while combating with the app development challenges.

Not doing enough research

You need to indulge in a full-fledged app development research plan, much before initiating the app development process, this will help you to expedite the app development process.

With these factors, you would be able to craft a successful mobile app solution for your business goals and last but not the least, pick an app development company, something like Data EximIT, which has the expertise and the skills to handle your real-estate app requirement.

But How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like REDFIN Real Estate App?

Yes, the cost of your real-estate app, is the biggest concern that has to be addressed by every business owner, much before initiating the process. But in this journey, you must take care of the one fine aspect, which suggests that the app development coast can vary depending upon various factors, such as functionalities, features, technologies, and much more. Although a basic real-estate app would cost you around $5,000 and can go even beyond $1,50,000, depending upon the different features.

So now when you have decided to get a mobile app for your real estate, then you must consider a significant step in the process of development of the app for your needs, and that suggests that you must pick a leading app development company like Data EximIT to address your app development requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In the development & deployment, many factors contribute to launching a successful project, and some involve a longer period of time to develop.

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