Food business across the world has never faced the recession and is growing massively.

In this race, many new food businesses have adopted the app technology and are constantly improving their services, which are no more sufficient to one specific region but have gone much beyond as well.

But there are certain issues that are generally being raised by some of the food business owners, suggesting that an app technology can never prove to be a successful business model for them.

But this is where you need to awaken yourself, and must know that the on-demand food delivery app is the NEW but engaging ROI model for your business, and this has given birth to many new and successful one-demand food delivery app concepts like Foodora.

Global Online On-Demand Food Delivery Market Is Expected To Grow 32 Percent By 2021!

Are you still considering, and doubting the stat mentioned above?

Then you must read this post further…

Why you need an app? I think this very question has a full-page length answer, but in a much succinct and crisp manner, it can be answered; for the Convenience.

We very well know the mere mention of the convenience opens millions of doors in your brain, wherein you find yourself submerged into the pool of befits for your own food business.

But suddenly there you get a jerk, which stops everything and makes you drown into the inconvenience further, and that suggests that app only increases the demands of cost.

No, it never happens like that, an app brings multiple benefits for your food business, such as:

  • Wider user reach

  • 24/7 accessibility

  • Improved sales conversion

  • Better advantages over competitor

These are a handful of benefits mentioned herewith, and there are several others, hence you must get your food business a successful app solution.

What is Foodora?

Foodora, as the name suggests, is a food delivery app and is also known as Foodora GmbH. The reason behind it says, that Foodora was made by a popular online food delivery company Volo GmbH- in Germany, Berlin. This app was made in the year 2014 and serves 9K+ restaurants in selected countries globally, including Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. This app is the most famous because it helps users to get their food from their favorite local restaurants as well, and it is not just for the high-end restaurants across the countries.

How does Foodora work?

The functionality of Foodora is very simple. The first-time user only needs to follow some basic steps and start using the app. The steps are:

  • First, download the Foodora App and set the current location.
  • Select the favorite local restaurant and place an order.
  • And last you would receive the food at your doorstep.

The business model of Foodora

An app like Foodora must have 3 basic app models, that work separately for 3 different portals and help them to gain better usability out of it.

  • Client app – In this app, users can order, search, track, and share reviews of their last order or any experience they have got to share.
  • Delivery boy app– This app platform, is for the delivery executives, and help them to track orders, manage their earning, pick up and select the convenient orders to be delivered.
  • Service app – This section of the app is for the admin and the service operators to manage orders and restaurants. In this portal, the order can be accepted or declined. Also, restaurants can update their menu & prices at any point in time.

How to make your on-demand food delivery app addiction for the users?

This is the most common situation, which occurs largely with everyone when you decide to make a mobile app for your food business. There is always a fear that what if my users wouldn’t like or they wouldn’t give attention to the app.

If you want your food delivery app to gain the attention of the users, then there are few ways, which you must consider during the app development journey.

  • Customize Your Push Messages – Push messages speaking the technical language will never be entertained, you need to remind your users about the very existence of your app, with the customized push messages. Don’t sound marketing head, but as a brand, which loves to get its customers to come and enjoy the offers.
  • Let Social Media Happen – Many marketers think that social media may not be a necessary aspect of the app. But if you would target your audience through social media as well, then t would send the value proposition of your app through the means of social media channels.
  • If You Are Updated, Then Inform – Many apps just update their portal, without letting the users, and users get to know about it, once they use the app. You don’t need to do it. If you have updated your app, then make sure that you inform your users about it and let them know, what’s new there in your app now.

Bonus Tips To Keep Your Users Engaged

Users may likely lose interest in the app after some time because every passing minute a new on-demand food delivery app is making an entry in the digital world. So to keep up the interest of your audience, you need to follow some tips. You must keep your app maintained at every possible stage, to help your food business to run smoothly. If you are still unsure of what is this app maintenance all about, then you check out the tips mentioned herewith…

  • You must let your app stay embedded with the latest technologies, letting the app users try the different sets of technologies through your mobile app.
  • Identify user pain-points and give a reason to your users to stay glued to your mobile app, as it is the combination of everything they look for.
  • The app update would help you to take a jump over your competitors, by integrating the latest trends and technical elements in your mobile app.
  • With the app update, you can address the bugs and the security issues within your app and help it not to be vulnerable to the security threats.
  • The app update would help your mobile app, to garner the users’ attention and this would lead to creating impressive user ratings and reviews.

You must know by following these strategies you can help your business to get the revenue boost through your mobile app platform. To help you win this issue one of the best app development companies in the USA, like Data EximIT can help your on-demand food delivery app concept, and help your brand to maintain its charm through the updated mobile app.

Last but not least, make sure that you ask experts from Data EximIT to help you integrate the most advanced technology in your app, so it can be utilized further by the targeted audience.

Now we are going to address the BIGGEST question. Keep reading this post.

How much does it cost to build an app like Foodora?

Foodora is a hugely popular food delivery app, and definitely, after reading these many benefits, you want to save such an app for your business as well. But one fear captures your mind, which suggests the app development cost.

Yeah, the question of how much does costs to create an app like Foodora, is the most tricky question, for which you want the answer instantly. But you must know that getting a specific figure for your app cost query is not that easier to be answered.

Do you think why?

The reason is simply that an app consumes multiple factors before finally come into the picture, and these factors can be: number of features, type of functionality, type of technology, geographical location, type of OS, and much more.

These aspects have to be analyzed ad worked upon before divulging the cost details. A team of experts from an efficient and Top Mobile app development company like Data EximIT, eventually help your app concept to be turned into a reality.

You just need to reach out to our team of experts and get your concept to get evaluated and get the exact number to be mentioned as the cost.

What are you waiting for?

Just get in touch with our team of experts today and help your on-demand food business to come onto the terms of reality today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. Today we all live in the digital world, where accessing the services through our smartphones is the first most activity we love to do. In such a situation, your users prefer not to travel and eat food at your restaurant. So this can turn out to be a loss of customer base, but with a food delivery app, you let your customers access your services at any time.

Yes, you can. We let you discuss every app functionality with our team, so you both can understand each other’s vision and help the app to get built with the best features.


The basic features for any food ordering app are; login/sign up, order, track, review. But apart from these basic features, there can be many other features as well. You simply need to tell us your concept and let our experts work on the functionality of your app.

When you reach us, much before starting the development journey, we sign an NDA with you. This helps us to keep the secrecy of your idea.

Well, time and cost are two factors, that get affected by multiple other factors. So unless we hear from you the app concept, we cannot tell you the exact app development time to build the app.

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