Wants to build an app like HungryHouse?

I am having guests tonight, no idea what to serve??? Ohh, once again I have missed filling the grocery for the week.

These are some of the statements that are quite common to be heard in the current spectrum, but fortunately, these worrisome concerns, are no more a problem. That has happened due to the inclusion of app technology in our daily lives.

Today ordering food online is no more a daunting task, but it has turned out to be a seamless journey, wherein you can press few buttons on your smartphone and the job is done.

However, building a successful food delivery app, requires few of the essentials which are mentioned here within this post, just read ahead…

Considering the on-demand mobile apps fitting the demand of users’ requirements is nothing extraordinary, and is rather expected and welcomed by the current tech era.

Undeniably the baton of tech revolution is carried forward by the app technology, which has brought the comfort of accessing different areas of services, only with a tap on our Smartphone screens. The latest advancements in the app technology have led to some more unique and the comforting solutions for the mobile app technology to be erupted, and in this constant run, the on-demand mobile apps, are gaining the much success and the appreciation from the larger number of users.


The concept behind the on-demand food delivery app suggests that any of the required services would come to your doorstep with just click made on the Smartphone and in return avail the services of your needs.

The concept is highly enticing and when it mingles well with the idea of food delivery then nothing can be as soothing as it is.

With this post, we are going to bring your attention towards the on-demand food delivery app like HungryHouse.

Thus this blog post simply give you a walk-through of the features and the functionalities to be added to an on-demand food delivery app just like HungryHouse…just read ahead

Login Page

The login page bears a relevance in this app since it allows the users to enter a few set of details, i.e; name, email, contact, address along with an option for creating a username and password option.

With this feature, you open a window of building a relationship with your customers and to make it more personalized you can add a series of functions helping your customers to feel more attached.

Search Filter

Creating a filter from where your users can pick their favorite cuisine would not just suffice the needs, but you need to offer the accurate image and the price along with to give a clear and exact idea about the dish to the users.

To make it more personalized touch add the ratings and the reviews of that particular dish, so the user feels safer while utilizing your mobile ratings and the reviews of that particular dish, so the user feels safer while utilizing your mobile app.


Not every user has the same taste buds, and there would be numerous events wherein you would get a number of customers, who want some different toppings or services to be a part of the main dish.

Considering this requirement, you must allow your users a customization option, through which they can add or remove the particular serving /ingredients the food item as per their preference.

Filter depending upon hours

When you give your users the option to select the food item, it would be better if you can create the filter for those food outlets/restaurants, serving the specifically breakfast or evening snack items or any special hours food.

When you look around every restaurant offers the usual lunch and dinner, but not every food outlet serves the breakfast and the evening snack, and most of the time, users have to search the complete list of restaurants offering these off-usual track food options.

You can create a list of the restaurants/ food outlets in your mobile app to offer a much comforting experience to the users.

Food delivery time

Every restaurant offers the option of selecting the food item and order, but with an app like HungryHouse, you can add the food cart option, where the user can pick different items at one time before checking out finally and applying their promo code or coupon.

Also to make the feature more interesting, once the user makes the payment they would just get the estimated time of the delivery, which would give the user a rough order of magnitude to be considered while expecting their food delivery.

Payment method

Yes, this is indeed a significant and not-to-be avoided feature at any cost. You can let the users to make the most convenient way of making payment, which can be in the form of Credit/debit card/ Google wallet/ Apple Wallet and to make the feature more comforting you can allow the COD – cash on delivery option, so the users can feel comforted and at ease from every angle.

Order Tracking

Your app must consist of the option of tracking the order, so your users can actually track where their order has reached, and how far it would be from their destination.

It is not just going to be useful for the user, but also, if the delivery man, lose the track, then a user can guide for the accurate location and the way to reach.

Checking ratings and reviews

The user must be able to check the ratings and the reviews before placing the order, and your app must suggest the perfect solution of suggesting the users for most preferred outlets by the other users for any particular cuisine or food item.

Customer Support

Apart from this for the customer dashboard one more feature which holds the relevance is customer support and help.

Where user in the event of need can reach the team for any kind of technical and non-technical support through the e-mail or the online chat.

These are the features, which must be part of your mobile app for the customer dashboard, to cover the management dashboard, I shall be writing another blog soon.

But to make the mentioned features seamlessly work for your mobile app, make sure selecting one of the top mobile app development companies for your app requirement, which has the required technical experience and the exposure to make your mobile app gain the acme and reach the hearts of your users.

Bonus Tips

A mobile app is never the compilation of codes and technologies, but there is something more as well, which attracts the users and this is the UX and UI element of the app, which are commonly known as the aesthetic approach your app carries in it.

However the worth of app designing is much, and that is the reason which really triggers the users’ interest and helps them stay engaged with the app for longer, but unfortunately there are a couple of mistakes, which work as the game spoiler for the app, and if not taken care of well, can destroy your app completely.

Are you worried???

You must be thinking that what am I referring to even? And what is this all about?? So in order to make you understand it further, I would insist you read further through this post…just read ahead…

    • Picking a naïve app designer to handle your app requirements is the first and foremost mistake you make. I agree there are designers, who have that spark of creativity but Unfortuanlty unless this creativity is channelized, it can create havoc rather creating a wonderful experience for your app. Hence you must pick the designers from a leading app development company in the UK.
    • Less is more, when it comes to app designing, however, there are few exceptions, but on an average scale, If you are going to let your design get overtly done, then it would clutter down the real essence of the app, and chances are higher that your app would never receive the recognition.
    • You need to keep the typography and the font style as simple as possible, if your users take much time to understand that what exactly is written in the app, then you have failed it as a designer, so keep it simple and readable.

These designing errors can ruin your app project, hence it much recommended to hire the right app development company like Data EximIT, which has the experienced brood of designers and developers to help your restaurant business to excel further with a mobile app platform.

And if you are worried about how much does it cost to build an app like HUNGRYHOUSE?, then without any delay you should reach out to the team Data EximIT, and get the accurate cost for your project.

However, the cost of food delivery app development can be ranging from 5k USD to 150k USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do have a team of extremely trained & skilled professionals, who ensure to get your mobile app scale further without facing any sort of glitch.

We’re chosen by our clients, since we have broad capabilities to successfully deliver complex app development projects. Our team consists of skilled & experienced developers, designers, marketers & QA analysts.

The cost of the app development largely depends on the multiple factors, such as the number of functionalities, type of technologies and features included in the app. So the cost may vary depending upon these factors.

Yes, we can build a unique yet similar app based on the source code of your preferred app from zomato, swiggy, food panda, ubereats or other choices.

As we have already discussed for app development cost above. Please take a look and connect with us for a custom quote.

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