How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Hailo Taxi app?

Mobile apps come in many flavors, fitting the requirement Bill of different businesses’ revenue goals.

Considering the demand for mobile app usage, it has turned out to be ubiquitous for every business to include app technology and it can never be avoided.

However, the demand for app technology has led many new concepts to come into existence, and this has brought the concept of on-demand taxi app concept to turn into a massive hit.

Hailo is one such app that stole the limelight in London and offered the best on-demand taxi booking services.

With this post, we want you to catch a view of Hailo’s success story and learn from the mistakes they made, to avoid any failure on your taxi app concept.

What you should know about Hailo?

Hailo was one of the most successful British technology platforms, that helped on-demand taxi booking app concepts to get attention. Hailo was launched in London in 2011, and by the year 2013, it covered 16 more cities. Hailo started its business and grown excessively in London, but then they decided to expand and this is where they mistook their competitors and trusted their proven strategies. And in New York, Hailo’s proven formula failed and instead of growing, the app faced the reject.

What made Hailo fail?

Hailo was the best solution for cab booking users in London, but on reaching NY, it lost the charm, and the reasons were:

  • There was no significant market research
  • They thought the business model which worked in London will work in NY as well
  • They did not give attention to what competitors were doing

How To Ensure Your Taxi Booking App Not Fail?

The on-demand taxi booking app field has a tremendous overflow of ideas and creativity, and getting your app in such a competitive world is full of risks.

No wonder, the taxi startups are fearless, when it comes to accept and throw the challenges, but no one looks forward to getting an app that is not performing well or is not on the most Desirable List of users. So we have brought our solution basket here to explain the number of strategies to be followed, just take a look further and dig out the number of solutions for your on-demand taxi booking app.

Invest time in market research

It may sound useless, but without the market research, your taxi app can never turn into a success. You should know what your users want and what is the specific strategy followed by the competitors. Working something on your own and not paying attention to the market and competitors will never let your app grow.

Don’t include many features

We know when it comes to your mobile app for your business, you want to offer the best to your users, but that does not mean you would give every feature in the first go only.

Your users always need some time to get accustomed to your mobile app, so feeding them with excessive numbers of features, would only confuse them further…Play safe and slow with the first app version and only include the required mobile app features in the first- version and later these features can be added upon according to the user’s requirements.

With the competition bomb always ticking in your mind, you always want to give something more and different to the users, but you would be surprised to know that, the excessive number of features on your app, actually kill the chances of app’s success. Hence integrate the limited and the required features only in the app, to start with.

Keep design minimal and engaging

The app design plays the victorious aspect in the development and success cycle of the mobile app. so don’t take it lightly and pay attention to keep the design as minimal as possible. Don’t let it shout aloud and make sure that your design is not over-powering the app’s features.

App testing

It’s a request, don’t take app testing lightly, this breaks or makes your business revenue goals through your mobile app.

Remember, an app is a face of your business, through which your clients interact with your business and pick your services, so if your mobile app, is going to be full of bugs and spontaneous crashes, then no matter how unique your mobile app concept is, it would only bring further harm to your business than any benefits. So get your app well tested before making it live on the app stores, so your users would have a clean and fabulous app to use.

App marketing is must

Many clients live with a misconception, that their business and their mobile app are well-planned and unique in their own ways, so they don’t need any marketing. But you are absolutely wrong, because no matter how unique your mobile app is, but unless you market it, it can never be discovered by your potential users.

Do you think why?

Then let us explain further, app stores are filled with a myriad of mobile apps, so in order to get your mobile app acknowledged, you need to promote it through every possible marketing channel, you can give huge marketing shout about your mobile app on all the Social Media channels, Content Marketing, Keyword-based description, App teasers, and many more other ways can be picked to promote your mobile app efficiently.

The marketing is an unavoidable aspect for your app and you must think of the ways to help it reach the targeted audience, hassle-free. Don’t sit on the very concept of app marketing, rather let it help to flaunt the best essentials from its portal to a larger number of audiences.

If you really looking forward to helping your app project to get saved from the rejection bullet, then you must get it designed and developed from a team of expert app developers from a leading app development company – DataExim IT, to help it boost the chances of success.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, there are several more like; build a mobile app not the replica of your website, you should be well aware that what purpose your mobile app is going to serve and the most importantly identify What Your Users Want. But something that increases the tension further, is the development cost. Yes, the cost of developing an app like Hailo is a bigger concern.

How much does it cost to create an app like Hailo Taxi app?

Foodora is a hugely popular food delivery app, and definitely, after reading these many benefits, you want to save such an app for your business as well. But one fear captures your mind, which suggests the app development cost. Yeah, the question of how much does cost to create an app like Foodora, is the most tricky question, for which you want the answer instantly. But you must know that getting a specific figure for your app cost query is not that easier to be answered.

Do you think why? The reason is simple because an app consumes multiple factors before finally come into the picture, and these factors can be: number of features, type of functionality, type of technology, geographical location, type of OS and much more. These aspects have to be analyzed ad worked upon before divulging the cost details. A team of experts from an efficient and Top Mobile app development company like DataExim IT, eventually help your app concept to be turned into a reality. You just need to reach out to our team of experts and get your concept to get evaluated and get the exact number to be mentioned as the cost.

What are you waiting for? Just get in touch with our team of experts today and help your on-demand food business to come onto the terms of reality today.

Bonus Tip

Never pick an app development company on the basis of the cost factor, since an app development company charging you less amount for an app project, may not have the required technical expertise to handle the obvious tech challenges.

This is a very obvious fact, that occurs during the app development process, which may sour the condition further when you would have to hire another app development company to handle your app project, this would only make your app budget go out of the expected range. So the first thing you must learn that which app features you want in your app and pick the app development company on the basis of their technical expertise and exposure only. Picking DataEximIT would give the right answer to your app requirements, as our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way.

Why choose Data EximIT?

Every business wants to select the best option in the app development and expect their expertise to handle the various app development requirements for their industry vertical.

Unknowingly the growing chaos of mobile app development companies in the app industry sometimes makes the clients go berserk with confusion since they are not much aware of what actually is the app development process and its nitty-gritty.

Mobile app development is not a hard nut to crack if it is accomplished with a right
the mobile app development company, and to achieve this you, certainly not required to be a tech-nerd, but you must have the awareness about the development-related facts, which can turn your app development process experience to be cherished forever.

At Data EximIT we keep a very transparent process and help your app concept to turn into a success through research, analysis, and skills of our team members.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight into your app requirement. Reach us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to get a budget app for your taxi booking services, but to help you achieve it, we need to assess your app concept and share the MVP concept, that can bring revenue and help your app to grow as well.

As mentioned above, the cost of your app concept depends on various facts, so unless we know your app concept we can give you the accurate costing for your project.

First, it is hard to happen because every build goes through a strict testing process, that removes any chances of app bugs. But if there is any untoward incident leading to the app crash, we will work on it immediately. We offer you free support period, where we will check the health of your app constantly.

We have a team of experienced & skilled app marketers, who can help your app to grow popular.

Much before starting the project, sign an NDA contract with you. This helps us in saving your app concept from getting stolen.

Much before starting the project, sign an NDA contract with you. This helps us in saving your app concept from getting stolen.

As mentioned above, the cost of your app concept depends on various facts, so unless we know your app concept we can give you the accurate costing for your project.

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