How much does it cost
to make a food delivery
app like Henchman?

Want to Make a Food delivery app like Henchman?

How many times do you feel the need to order the food or just wished to check the ratings of the restaurant?

We all are living in a space whenever accessing every sort of service to come onto our finger tips, but eventually it is a very tough task!

Is this what do you feel???

Well you shouldn’t, since there is app technology, letting the users to access every sort of their desired services on their smartphones.

In this run, one specific genre which is really creating a stir, that is food ordering app. The demand for mobile apps is increasing with the time, and the ever growing need had led to an enormous volcano of requirements to erupt in the field of mobile app development field.

The food ordering mobile apps or the on-demand mobile apps have gradually captured the attention of the users across the globe.

Whether it is for an office party, our late night hunger pangs or even lazy-Sunday brunch order, food delivering apps are winning every obstacle and help you attain our required cuisine in no time.

Despite having much potential, many restaurant owners or the food catering services, feel shy and exempt them from getting the full-hands on technology.

Reason? Because they are already running smoothly!!!

You might be wrong as there is no such glitch in your sales you have faced so far, but sooner or later,this apocalypse would fall on your business, when you would be dealing with the handful of customers,as app technology is gradually covering the food business, and now customers prefer to order online and enjoy the food heaven at home, rather visiting.

Are you still not convinced???

Well, in such a situation the only aspect can help you further and that is reading this post further… just go ahead…

Keep A Pace With The Tech Trends

The guests in the restaurants are from the current era, which has gone digital a long way back, so not going with the flow, will make you lag behind.

Due to the technology outbreak, people love to spend time on their Smartphone, so they can easily search for everything, which they desire, such as searching for a nearby restaurant, browse the menu, check opening hours, read reviews and make online reservations.

A healthy mobile app experience for your users, always leave them with happy memories, so they would prefer to visit your restaurant again and again.

Easy Way To Have Reviews And Feedback

It is not a hidden fact that a happy customer opens the door for the thousands more and a mobile app is a perfect choice for the happy customers to voice their opinion and share their review.

When a customer leaves a positive feedback, it works in your favor, because of other customers from the potential and the targeted customers’ category, listen to these unbiased reviews, which help you to gain sales. On the other hand, if you have a bad review, then you can also make it work in your favor by simply answering and giving the prompt response, this will help you to convert a dissatisfied customer into the loyal customer.

Boosts Sales

With the help of beacon technology, you can directly target your users with the triggered notification, whenever they are in the vicinity. Also, the push-notifications, always update your customers with the latest discounts and offers going on in your restaurant, this would attract a massive chunk of the customers to utilize your services and as a consequence give a shooting success to your restaurant business.

Beat The Competition

The competition is an undeniable aspect available in every business and industry, you always need a way to reach your targeted customers, with an ease, so your business can experience the success.

A mobile app comes here to your rescue, which lets your restaurant business get acknowledged and receive its deserving recognition amongst your existing and potential user base.

Also, it would help your business to beat the completion bug, since not many restaurateurs have adopted the mobile app for their restaurants; so as a result, you prove your worth to your customers, by being able to communicate with them in the mode of their choice.

It Is A Pool of Convenience

You cannot deny that most of the time, we feel so drained to get prep up and visit the eating joint or the restaurant, rather we want to enjoy our favorite meal, sitting on the couch in our night pajama while watching TV.

On-demand food delivering apps are a blessing in such a scenario and allow the users to order food online without disturbing their comfort zone and of course your revenue model.

It Is Time-Saving

We are living in the era, where we are moving ahead with a ready-made schedule, which deals with power-packed working hours and on the roads it is jam-packed with the vehicles.

The mere thought of driving to your favorite restaurant after a hectic day is a paralyzing thought.

With a restaurant app, your customer can book the food order and can enjoy the stress-free meal with the pleasant thought.

Customers can easily have the cuisine of their choice with just one click and they do not need to go anywhere.

Restaurant apps have not only aided the consumers by saving their time but have also saved them from a lot of hassle.

24/7 Accessibility

There are many events in life when we can feel the need of food irrespective of time and it can be a day or night. If it is a night time when there are the least possibilities that we will get the food or the restaurants would be opened.

Food ordering apps let your business stay active and increase the reach of your targeted audience with the app technology, as these apps provide the feasibility to the customers to avail the items 24*7.

Marketing Through Notifications

Notifications play a major role in making food ordering apps quite fruitful and demanded.

Notifications keep the users notified about the various offers and discounts.

In this highly competitive world, you can introduce new offers and discounts as a part of marketing strategy to attract the customers through app notifications.

Notifications keep the consumers updated on the benefits that can be availed and help you to keep a healthy cycle of your revenue generation.

Now as you are well-aware of the benefits oozing out of the food-ordering app, now there are a couple of essentials which must be considered. The below-mentioned tips will definitely help you build a successful food ordering app like Henchmann.

The current growth of the app development in different sectors of businesses, has affected Restaurant industry as well!

It has been observed, that restaurant business has witnesses a huge growth in the app market, and this increase has defined and set vivid kinds of modification in the apps to be made in order to make them perfect in terms of quality.

If we talk about the restaurant apps, there are various kinds of personal information stored in it. So it has generated the need for the restaurant app users to be more cautious and alert so that their data is not accessed and misused by the people.

Needless to say, any sort of carelessness while handling these apps can turn into a big disaster. Let’s have a look at the various factors which can help an app to keep the information safe and secure.

Unique credentials

In case of theft or if one loses his phone, both the situation are really distressing for the users. This kind of situation can lead to leakage of information from your apps. Even though the phones are password protected but it is not necessary that the password is strong enough to protect the information. So, the users must use the unique login ID and password and provide authentication to the credentials.

Self Logoff

This is another important feature that has to be there in an app. Every time users are not alert enough to log out the app. So there must be a feature that app should log out itself after a specific period of inactivity so that the data is not accessible even if the phone is handed over to someone else.

Timely upgradation

With the timely updating of the apps, they become secure and less vulnerable to virus attack. So using the latest version of apps can provide you with the protection against the bugs and viruses.

Backups of data

Back up of any information is the most important aspect to be considered. So, with regular backups and timely syncing of information using the secured data connection can keep the health data secure.

Eventually, the inclusion of a food delivery app into your restaurant helps you earn huge recognition in the market. But you must be wondering how much does it cost to make a Food Delivery App like Henchman?

Hmmm, the cost of app development can go vary depending upon different factors and functionalities involved within the app platform. However, the basic app cost would be somewhere around 5k USD to 150k USD.

Once again it is just an estimated cost and can go above & beyond, considering the different sorts of facts involved herewith.

So if you want a fantastic app to be designed keeping the security of necessary health data in consideration, get in touch with one of the best and leading app development company, that is Data EximIT and boost the possibilities of further admiration from your targeted audience.

I am assured now you must be convinced to get the food-ordering app for your food business, but one aspect which you cannot give a miss is getting your app developed from a leading Mobile app development company like Data EximIT.

We have the expertise to help you flourish your business through the app technology, and have the years of experience and hold the skills to handle the befitting technologies to enhance your app further.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time consumed in developing a food ordering app depends on the number of functionalities & the features to be involved in it.

Swiggy uses AI and machine learning (ML) for matching consumer demand with supply from restaurants and delivery partners.

Such apps charge a fee to the restaurants, cut off profit through the food delivery system and charge delivery fee or convenience charges.

A food delivery app must consist of COD, credit/debit/ PayTM options.

We have a flexible pricing model, consisting of hourly/fixed/and monthly basis.

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